Donald Moine

Continuous Sales Improvement

Powerful interview with Dr. Donald “Obi-Wan Kenobi” Moine, Eric Lofholm's coach, mentor and business partner in Continuous Sales Improvement.

Dr. Donald Moine, one of the world's leading experts on sales increase and psychology in sales has created a new movement.

Dr. Moine was a pioneer in the fields of Meta-modeling and Neuro-linguistic programing (NLP.)

What are his best sales-increasing ideas?

~ Have a powerful mindset.

~ Have a set of belief systems that enable you to achieve great success.

~ Have your sales presentation very well prepared with a million-dollar sales presentation.

~ A good script can work like magic...

~ Words can make you rich – one script can change your life!

~ Create a virtuous feedback loop.

~ Be creative and try something new.

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